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Folsom Bike's Top Local, Further Afield, and Virtual Climbs

Northern California is blessed with the best road cycling (We know we're biased) on earth and there are plenty of superb road climbs in the local area and further-afield to challenge yourself on. Over the years we have curated several volumes of our favorite local and further-afield climbs and via the link below you can find them all in one place. We hope you enjoy the challenge of riding all of them just as much as we did! Plus, if it's a rainy, snowy, or smokey day, then check out our favorite virtual climbs on Zwift

Local Climbs Vol. 1

Local Climbs Vol. 2

Local Climbs Vol. 3

Local Climbs Vol. 4

Local Climbs Vol. 5

Outlying Climbs Vol. 1

Outlying Climbs Vol. 2

Zwift Climbs