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Folsom Bike Team Ride Segments

While our Team Rides and other group rides are on hiatus we wanted to come up with a way of staying fit, staying fast and competing with our fellow riding friends! Therefore we are introducing our new weekly team ride Strava segments challenges!

How it Works

Each week we will release a new Strava segment for you to ride. You will have from Saturday through to the following Friday to ride the segment as many times as you like. At the end of the week, the fastest time posted during that seven-day period will win a Folsom Bike goodie bag! It's as easy as that! 

We will aim to mix up the terrain and length of the segments each week. We will also aim to choose segments with minimal traffic lights and stop signs etc in order to give everyone a fair chance. 

Check back on this page and on Folsom Bike's social media every Friday to see what next week's segment will be!

How to be Eligible 

Riders must be part of the Folsom Bike Strava Club and log their ride using a GPS bike computer. If you do not appear in the Strava segment's leaderboard, as part of the Folsom Bike Strava Club, during the specified week then you are not eligible. 

NO CHEATING. If you think you may be cheating, then you probably are and that is NOT COOL. What would your riding buddies say?! This is supposed to be a bit of fun! 

Also, you are undertaking this challenge on your own free will on public roads and therefore Folsom Bike accepts no responsibility or liability for your actions. Please be courteous to other road users and follow the rules of the road.  Please do not ride these segments in groups.

Join the Folsom Bike Strava Club