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So you've just picked up your new bike - now what? You likely have some questions and we at Folsom Bike are here to help you get the most out of your awesome new bike. Whether you're a seasoned rider or this is your first bike we are here to help you make the most out of your awesome purchase! Below are some of the most common areas of concern for new bike riders that we are here to help you understand! So what are you waiting for? 

Plus, check out our NEW BIKE EXPECTATIONS so you know what to expect with your awesome new ride.






Keep your bike running smoothly with basic maintenance

Modern bicycles are marvelous and with a few checks and some light TLC you can keep yours running smoothly. Below are some key checks and maintenance pointers for keeping your new bike running smoothly and safely everytime you ride. 

Before Every Ride

  • CHECK YOUR TIRES - Make sure they are not flat and they do not have any debris in them. Inflate your tires to the recommended level (normally listed on the tire itself).
  • MAKE SURE YOUR WHEELS ARE ON TIGHT - Check your front and rear quick release skewer or thru-axle to make sure it is tight.
  • CHECK YOUR BRAKES - Make sure they work and that your brake levers don't pull all the way to the handlebars. 
  • PEDAL YOUR DRIVETRAIN BACKWARDS - Spin the pedals around backwards. If the chain is squeaking then add some chain lube.

Shortly after purchasing a new bicycle—typically within the first 200 miles of riding—you may begin to experience some minor issues. Brakes can stick, spokes can stretch, and gears can slip. This is normal. Like any other mechanical device, bicycles have a break-in period. When your bike begins to feel a bit off, you can usually take it back to the shop where you bought it for free or low-cost adjustment. The bike shop will make sure your bicycle is in good operating condition and properly adjusted to fit you comfortably.

If you're riding your bike regularly (2 or more times a week) then we recommend having your bike serviced every 6 months. If you're riding less than that then every 12 months is adequate. Schedule your service today by giving us a call. 

Floor Pump

Floor pumps are a fast and accurate way of inflate your tires to the correct pressure. They are an essential piece of equipment for any bike rider.

Browse Track Pumps Here


Carry out simple maintenance and adjustments at home or out on a ride with a versatile and reliable multitool. Tire levers are also a great addition for replacing tires and inner tubes when necessary.

 Browse Multitools Here

Chain Lube

A lubed chain is a happy chain. Keep your shifting and pedaling smooth by cleaning and lubing your chain regularly. This will dramatically extend the life of your chain and your drivetrain as a whole whilst also keeping it quiet. 

 Browse Chain Lube Here

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Whether baggie or form-fitting, a comfortable pair of cycling shorts is an essential part of any riding gear. Padded shorts protect your body from pressure and cushion your sit bones. A little padding goes a long way, especially on longer rides. 


From cool and moisture wicking to insulated and windproof, cycling jerseys help to keep you comfortable while riding. Cycling jerseys are tailored to fit best when you are in the riding position with a longer cut in the back and a shorter cut in the front. They also feature pockets for storing snacks, tubes, phone, etc. 

Making your ride comfortable is all about the contact points

Bicycle comfort is all about the contact points and getting the right clothing and parts for you. There is not a right surefire answer to this. It is all about finding what works for you and your body. Below is a breakdown of the contact points and how you can upgrade yours to better fit you. 

SADDLE & SHORTS - Try out a pair of padded shorts without underwear and find the right pad (known as a chamois) for you. Finding the right saddle can be a long journey of discovery but once you find the right shape for you, you will likely stick with it for your entire cycling life. 

GLOVES & GRIPS/BAR TAPE - Pressure on nerves in your hands will often make them go numb so finding the right gloves for you will help prevent this. Ergonomic grips and quality bar tape will also make a big difference to the comfort of your ride.

PEDALS & SHOES - If your feet are uncomfortable after a ride it may be worth trying a different pair of shoes, pedals or inner soles. As you get more used to riding your bike it is also worth trying clip-in pedals for greater pedal power transfer and comfort. Learn more about pedal and shoes on our Shoe Buyer Guide HERE.

So you've got your bike. Now where to ride!

We are very lucky that our Northern California surroundings offer some of the best road, mountain, and gravel riding ON EARTH and we want to help you discover it! Check out the link below for over 50 local routes for every type of riding and every level from beginner to elite rider. 

Plus, we've included links to some of the great ride and route making resources that our staff use to discover new roads and trails.

Mountain Bike Project

Ride with GPS


Gravel Map

The most popular social network for cyclists and runners, Strava is the place to track your cycling, find others to ride with, and map your routes. Join the Folsom Bike Strava Club and track, share, and compare your riding with our local community.