Folsom Bike's Top Mountain Bike Trails Vol. 1

Folsom and El Dorado Hills are two of the best jumping-off points for mountain biking in Northern California. Not only do we have areas like Granite Bay SRA and Auburn SRA on our doorstep, we are also just a short drive away from superb trails all over the Sierras. 

Here are four of our favorite mountain bike trails - all of which are less than two hours drive from Folsom! 

Trail 8 - Sly Park

Just a short drive up Highway 50, Sly Park is one of the premiere trail systems in our area. Trail 8 is a superb cross country loop with a variety of terrain. From dusty switchbacks to technical rocky sections, Trail 8 is a perfect testing ground for your mountain biking skills. A confident rider can even tackle the trail on a cyclocross bike. 

The trail is around 6.5 miles with 949ft of climbing, most of which comes in the first two miles if you are tackling the circuit in its traditional counter-clockwise direction.

Hoot Trail - Nevada City

Hoot Trail sits just off Highway 20 outside of Nevada City. This is one of the best groomed and silky-smooth trails in the area. As fun for relative beginners as it is for hardcore pros, this trail is consistently flowy with optional drops and jumps to spice things up along the way. 

The road climb out from the bottom of the trail can be a bit of a drag but the fantastic riding makes it worth it. After your satisfied buy the great riding enjoy a sandwich or adult beverage at the Harmony Ridge Market just next to the parking lot. 

Jackass - Truckee

Jackass is one of the most popular trails in the Truckee area as you will notice from its packed-out parking area along Highway 89. Once you have made the climb up along various fire roads the fun begins. (Further up the mountain there are plenty of best-in-class unsanctioned trails). 

The fun and flowy descent is coupled with some exciting drops and jumps as well as several large steep boulders, which are exhilarating to roll over. When in tip-top condition, the berms on this trail are some of the smoothest out there, allowing you to carry massive amounts of speed. This is a great trail to come back to as your confidence grows and you can ride faster, jump higher, and find new lines. 

Corral - South Lake Tahoe

This is the type of trail you sit at work/school and dream about. Amazing flow, great technical sections, and confidence-inspiring table-topped jumps that can be hit at any speed. Corral Trail holds a very special place in Northern California riders’ hearts. 

The long road climb will certainly open up the legs and lungs, especially if you are not used to the altitude. The top part of the trail offers breathtaking views over Myers and South Lake Tahoe, but do not take your eyes off the trail for too long! Steep and technical rocky sections will keep you concentrating. 

The lower half of Corral features the famous jump section. This series of large table-topped jumps can be quite intimidating the first time you see them. With perseverance and practice, these jumps will become fast favorites. After a few runs you will surprise yourself with the speed and distance you are able to generate off these jumps; a great confidence booster. 

These trails are maintained and supported by these awesome groups. Keep them rad and show your support! 

Folsom Auburn Trail Riders Action Coalition (FATRAC)

Bicyclists of Nevada County (BONC)

Tahoe Area Mountain Bike Association (TAMBA)