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Folsom Bike's Top Local Climbs Vol. 4

You demanded it so here they are! Another volume of Folsom Bike’s Top Local climbs. Volume 4 features a few short but brutally steep options and a couple of longer local classics. We love hearing what you think of these climbs and if there are any hidden gems that you would like to see featured in the next edition.

The Full Wilson Blvd, El Dorado Hills  - 0.88 miles, 6% Average Gradient - 4/10 toughness

Perhaps the newest edition to the list of local climbs, construction on the Full Wilson Blvd was only completed earlier this spring. This climb comes in two parts with a gradual false-flat first half and a steep second half. 

Build speed and momentum on the first half of the climb but do not use too much energy as you will surely need everything you’ve got for the second half, which averages a cruel 10.5% gradient. 

McElroy Rd, Auburn - 0.6 miles, 9% - 6/10 toughness

Do not be deceived by this climb’s short length. The first 250 feet of this climb average a brutal 22% gradient before evening out to 4%. The sleepy road offers riders a great taste of the sort of brutal bergs found on the course of the Tour of Flanders. It is also a lovely little road with no traffic and a fun descent. 

Rattlesnake Bar, Pilot Hill - 9.36 miles, 1.8% - 7/10 toughness

A local area classic that we were surprised had not featured on our Top Climbs list so far. The 1.8% overall gradient does not do the toughness of Rattlesnake Bar justice. Two downhill section mask extended periods of 6-9% gradient. 

This climb is often used for repeats by local racers and its 9.36-mile length offers plenty of opportunity for sustained intervals. Or, for the rest of us, a chance to try and survive this testing climb. 

Park Dr, Rocklin - 0.5 miles, 9.5% - 6/10 toughness

Another shorter effort. Park Drive in Rocklin is a sustained half-a-mile of climbing with little fluctuation in gradient. This climb is great for efforts ranging from two to five minutes of sustained power. Park Drive is also very low on traffic so it is great to do repeat efforts on. 

Wrights Lake Rd, Kyburz - 3.7 miles, 6.7% - 7/10 toughness

One of the most picturesque and alpine climbs in the area, Wrights Lake Rd climbs up from Highway 50 to Wrights lake via a winding road. Normally tackled as an out-and-back, this road is a great taste of the type of mountain road we would see at the Tour de France. The views up and down the valley increase in splendor as the elevation ramps up. The descent is also fantastic. Just watch out for cars as the road is narrow in places and well trafficked in the spring and summer. 

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