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Another year and another batch of local climbs for you to get your teeth into! Ranging from short steep pitches to longer slogs, these well and not-so-well known ramps have a little bit of something for everybody. Some of these may be considered ‘easy’ by more discerning riders, but as Greg Lemond once said, “It doesn’t get easier, you just get faster.”

Prospectors Road, Coloma - 2.2 miles, 10% Average Gradient - 8.5/10 Toughness

A brutishly steep climb for the length, Prospectors road never really lets up. As you climb up a wide gully out of Coloma the road snakes up the hillside providing beautiful views behind you and you grind up. 

As an older side road to Marshall Rd, Prospectors has very low traffic, making for a quiet riding experience. If you are especially set on a brutal day in the saddle, Prospectors can be combined with the Bayne Rd and Mt Murphy Rd climbs. 

Mosquito Road Bridge to Rock, Placerville - 2.8 miles, 8% - 8/10 Toughness

A slightly deceiving overall gradient masks what is an incredibly tough first half a mile of this climb. From the bridge, riders are immediately met by very steep switchbacks that feel like they will never let up. Pitches at 20% and up to a dizzying 40% on the inside of the hairpin turns are a real test of power and torque. 

Once riders eventually reach the summit of the switchbacks the gradient eases up slightly while maintaining a steady 6-8%. A flat spot in the middle of the climb provides just enough rest before the final push to Mosquito. As a consolation prize, the descent off Rock Creek Road is one of the longest and most enjoyable in the area.  

Clarksville Road, Rescue - 0.5 miles, 8% - 4/10 Toughness 

A short but sweet ramp that is reminiscent of Flandrian climbs; Clarksville Road is sure to get your heart rate up. After turning off Green Valley Road, this cut though is a great way to get up to Serrano.

Great views over the foothills will poke through the trees to your left as you climb before the gradient eases off at the top. This climb is not tackled too often so it may also be a good target for Strava segment hunters. 

Snow Road, Placerville - 1.4 miles, 11% - 7/10 Toughness

Somewhat out in the wilds, Snow Road sits out between Placerville and Pollock Pines. Short and very steep, Snow Road is certainly going to be a strained effort as part of what a hilly ride. 

This part of California is anything but flat.  After a very steep initial pitch the climb settles into a 10% average that makes the 1.4 mile length seem far longer. If you are looking for a big day out in the hills of Pollock Pines, be sure to include this as part of your route.

Ridge Road, Loomis - 2.9 miles, 4% - 5/10 Toughness

Ridge Road is a climb that many of you will be familiar with, especially if you have ridden the Coffee Republic ride. The varied gradient, great scenery and twisting roads make this one of the best climbs that is close to our Folsom location. 

An initial steep pitch soon eases off to a gradual 6% for the middle mile of the climb. The final section is undulating, allowing you the time to take in the great views over towards the Yuba Buttes behind you. If you want a real challenge, The KOM on this climb is held by local pro and friend of Folsom Bike Neilson Powless. All you have to do is average a jaw-dropping 20 mph! 

Thank you for reading! what climbs have we missed? Which would you like to see featured in the future? We love hearing about your riding! To check out our three other top climbs articles, click the link below.