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Folsom Bike's Local Cycling Routes

Stay riding, stay healthy and enjoy our selection local routes from each of our locations and beyond. We have been overwhelmed by your support and response to these routes so we hope you enjoy them now and also with your group of riding friends in the future!

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Check out these handy route tags to find the type of ride you are looking for.

These routes are great for family outings with kids

These are suitable for gravel/cyclocross bikes

These routes are suitable for mountain bikes

These routes are suitable for road bikes

These routes feature plenty of climbing and descending

There are lots of back roads, bike paths, and quiet streets to enjoy on these routes

These routes starts/finishes somewhere other than either Folsom Bike locations

0 - 15 Miles

16 - 30 Miles

31 - 45 Miles

46+ Miles

0 - 15 Mile routes

If you are looking for a quick spin, a great family route, or a fun mountain bike ride, our 0 - 15-mile routes are perfect.

Folsom Prison Road - 10 Miles

Need a quick spin! This awesome route would make for a great 45 minute spin! Enjoy climbing the bike path from the Rainbow Bridge all the way to the Johnny Cash Bridge.

New Houses EDH Road - 12 Miles

Take in El dorado Hills’ new housing projects and business estate on this 45-minute training route.

Folsom Lake MTB - 14 Miles

A great MTB loop from our Folsom location. This loop takes in great trails and a variety of terrain. It can also be tackled on a cyclocross or gravel bike if you do not mind a bumpy ride.

EDH Gravel/MTB - 11 Miles

Ride local and have fun with this mixed terrain route from our El Dorado Hills location. This hilly route is perfect for exploring the back trails and roads of EDH. Plus, the route looks a bit like a dinosaur!

Folsom Cavitt Stallman Rd - 15 Miles

A Quick route for you to enjoy from our Folsom location this week! this 16-mile route towards Roseville and then back to Granite Bay is perfect for openers or for a quick 45-minute to an hour spin.

EDH Serrano figure eight - 11 Miles

Looking for a fun and short road route to kick off your July 4th? Check out this 11-mile route from our El Dorado Hills location. 

EDH New Developments - 13 Miles

Explore some of the new housing developments around the Folsom/El Dorado Hills area with this short 13-mile loop from our Town Center location. Take care on the short section on White Rock Rd as traffic can be heavy. A couple of steep climbs make this a great training route.

Folsom Prison Blues - 8 Miles 

A great short paved loop which predominantly takes riders on bike path trails. Great for families or beginner riders. 


This week we've got some great routes to ride with kids! This is a classic Granite Bay loop that is a favorite of our Junior Mountain Bike Program. Head up to the famous bench before looping back around to the Granite Beach parking lot.

Scotts Flat MTB Taster - 12 Miles MOUNTAIN

If you are looking to get out further afield and explore on your mountain bike then check out the Scotts Flat area near Nevada City. This 12-mile mountain route is a great teaser of some of the superb trails in the Scotts Flat area. Hoot is a particular highlight and there are plenty of offerings for riders at any level. 

Browns and the Levee - 8 Miles MOUNTAIN

A good little MTB loop from Browns Ravine. Enjoy some fun and technical trails at Browns Ravine before heading across the levee.

Marble Mountain Melee - 14 Miles 

This short but climbing-intensive route from our El dorado Hills location is a perfect option for any rider looking to maximize their spare hour. Featuring 1,400+ ft of ascent and quite steep ascents at that, this is a great little tough route. 

Folsom Bike Path Prowl- 12 Miles

This 12-mile route from our Folsom location is a great family ride as this route features plenty of bike path and can be shortened easily.

Granite Bay Blue Pipe loop - 6 Miles

A classic Granite Bay loop that includes many great trails. A couple of technical sections mean this is best for intermediate riders.

Hidden Falls Park Loop Auburn - 14 Miles

This loop of the Hidden Falls regional park is a great day out. Note that pre-booking is required on weekends and holidays.

Folsom Lake Gravel Titcher - 11 Miles 

This quick little gravel/mountain route from our Folsom location is a great way to spend an hour and work on your technical skills. 

16 - 30 Miles

If you have an hour or two to enjoy on the bike then these local routes should be right up your street. 

Serrano & Cameron Park - 17 Miles

Looking for 1.7k feet of climbing in a little over 17 miles? Well, we have the route for you! leaving from our El Dorado Hills location, this route takes in the Serrano climb before hitting Bass Lake Rd and some great neighborhood streets in Cameron Park.

Starbuck & Deer Valley from EDH - 21 Miles

Starbuck and Deer Valley Road are two of our favorite local roads and this route takes in both. Once you reach the Starbuck and Deer Valley junction, a long and fun downhill awaits. Enjoy.

El Dorado Hills short climbs - 27 Miles

Climb, descend, and enjoy some of our favorite local roads on this challenging but relatively short road route from our El Dorado Hills location. 

Rocklin Rockin' Rollers - 22 Miles

Focus your efforts on the Sierra College climb and enjoy the rolling Granite Bay hills. Sierra College is great for 5-10 minute training efforts while the rest of the ride offers sprint and power interval opportunities. 

Folsom & Loomis - 30 Miles

With some similarities to our Wednesday Night Team Ride, this route incorporates fast sections with the steady climb up Sierra College. 

Bass Lake Road - 20 Miles

With plenty of climbing and some great descents and views over Folsom Lake, this 20-mille loop from our El Dorado Hills location is a great training ride!

Cameron Park Road - 30 Miles

Today's recommended route features great climbs, little known roads and great riding. 30-miles in total with 3k ft of climbing, this routes is a great two-hour workout on the road bike. It can also be done from our El Dorado Hills location (making a 26-mile loop).

EDH to the Lake - 18 Miles

Varied local roads and challenging short climbs make this a great hour to hour and a half route on the road.

Fair Oaks From Folsom - 25 Miles

Skirting the picturesque Lake Natoma, this 23-mile road loop takes in quiet roads and bike trail plus a brief stint in Fair Oaks! Enjoy!

Folsom & East Roseville - 21 Miles

Another Great local route for you to enjoy this week! Leaving from our Folsom location, this 21-mile road ride is a pre-work favorite for our staff due to its pleasant scenery and quiet roads.

Cameron Park from EDH - 21 Miles

Enjoy climbing up to Cameron Park via Serrano. Take care on Bass Lake Road while also enjoying views down towards Sacramento.

EDH & Folsom Lake Climbs - 18 Miles

If short and steep climbs whet your appetite then this is the ride for you! Climbs up Appian Way, Francisco Drive, Mormon Island Dr, and Beatty make this a real gear-cruncher of a route.  

Both stores from EDH - 22 Miles

Make your way between our two stores via back roads and bike paths including the Johny Cash Trail. Enjoy a coffee at Folsom Grind before returning to our EDH location.

EDH to Folsom Lake & Costco Hill - 16 Miles

A good quick route that culminates in a climb up the sustained Costco Hill, this hour-long loop is a great training route for weekday rides. 

Flags over El Dorado Hills - 20 Miles

A short but hilly road route for you to enjoy this week from our El Dorado Hills store. A Couple of our favorite local climbs make this one and a half to two-hour route a great training ride.

Folsom & Fair Oaks - 30 Miles

Enjoy the bike trail as well as other great local roads on this flat training ride though Folsom & Fair Oaks.

Take the Last Train to Clarksville - 21 Miles

Lots of climbing and great views over Folsom and Sacramento make this a enjoyable ride along the and up Beatty.  

EDH 2400ft climbs - 21 Miles

22 miles with 2,400ft of climbing makes this a hilly and quick route for anyone looking for a good workout on fun and quiet local roads.

Folsom Roseville Jaunt - 22 Miles

Head out from our Folsom location towards Roseville before returning via the Roseville bike path. The final climb up Oak Hill Drive offers a great opportunity for 30 second maximum efforts as it is quite steep. 

Folsom Climbing Loop - 23 Miles

A staff-favorite pre-work ride, this 23-mile route from our Folsom location is good mixture climbing and cool Folsom backstreets. 

EDH Up and Down - 16 Miles

With a handful of short and steep climbs this route from our El Dorado Hills store is a great hour-plus route. 

Latrobe Gravel - 20 Miles

wide open sweeping gravel roads across a wide open area that feels far from Folsom and El Dorado Hills despite only being 20 minutes away.  

EDH to Woodside Way Climb - 29 Miles

Some great climbing from our El Dorado Hills location awaits you on this ride. Head up to Shingle Springs to take on the steep Woodside Way before returning back down the hill.

Folsom Beatty Bruiser - 21 Miles

If you are looking for a fun 21-mile road ride from our Folsom location this weekend then check out this route. Taking in the Beatty climb as well as pleasant lap around Folsom, this route is an ideal 1-2 hour ride. 

EDH Deer Valley - 30 Miles

Climb up and around Cameron Park and the staff-favorite Deer Valley Road before returning to El Dorado Hills. 

Folsom - Fair Oaks Lake Natoma North Side - 23 miles

Kick off your weekend with this fun and relatively flat 23-mile road route from our Folsom location. Head out towards Orangevale and take care
crossing the busy Hazel Ave before continuing on back
streets towards Fair Oaks. This is a great spot to grabfood or a coffee before crossing the American River and returning on the bike path to Folsom.

Folsom Alternate Loop - 23 miles

We all love a good Folsom loop. They make up a large portion of our staffs' pre and post-ride riding. This route is slightly off the beaten track with some alternative routing to the most popular path. 

Folsom Summit Village Pillage - 22 miles

Check out this 22-mile road route from our Folsom location. This route takes in some great El Dorado Hills climbs and back roads. Head towards Summit Village before returning through El Dorado Hills back streets.  

Sutter Creek to Volcano - 28 miles

This is a great remote route from Sutter Creek, up to Volcano and back. The first half is one long climb before returning back down the valley.  

Camp Far West Gravel - 24 miles

In the far-flung north of Camp Far West, this great and remote 24-mile gravel route offers varied terrain on great gravel and dirt roads.  

Cothrin Ranch Exploration - 24 miles

This great hilly 25-mile route from our Town Center location explores some of El Dorado County’s best back roads. There is a small 2-mile gravel section and lots of awesome views of El Dorado County to enjoy.

EDH Beatty Ridge - 19 miles

This 19-mile road route from our El Dorado Hills location offers a short and dense hill climbing route. Multiple trips up and down the Beatty Ridge will have you ready for bigger and better climbing in your future.

Between the two stores - 24 Miles

Take a trip between both of our store locations (starting at either) on this fun and bike path-filled route.

Sutter Creek Gravel - 30 Miles

Starting from Sutter Creek, this hilly gravel route takes in remote and picturesque countryside. Roughly 50% gravel, this winding route is a gem. 

El Dorado Hills - 26 Miles 

This 26-mile road route from our El Dorado Hills location explores some of the lesser known local steep pitches in the area! A Great hour and a half training ride. 

El Dorado Hills Tailrace Climbs - 30 Miles 

Plenty of climbing beckons on this 30-mile route from our El Dorado Hills store. There are lots of lesser know roads to enjoy plus some classics like Deer Valley. 

EDH Crown Village - 20 Miles 

Quick, hilly and fun - this 20-mile road route from our El Dorado Hills location is the perfect training ride for an hour and a half.

Folsom T20 - 20 Miles 

This is a diverse and hilly 20-mile loop with new and fun roads to explore from our Folsom location. Enjoy bike path sections and back roads throughout.

High points of Sacramento County - 23 Miles 

This 23-mile route from our Folsom location is a quick and fun jaunt around Folsom with a couple of punchy climbs thrown in for good measure.

South Yuba Gravel - 28 Miles 

A Couple of big climbs make this remote gravel 28-mile route out of Nevada City a great way to spend a sunny afternoon. Make sure to pack all you need as top up spots and phone service are scarce. 

31 - 45 Mile Routes

Check out these two to half-day excursions. These routes are a great way to get out and explore our awesome Northern California surroundings.

Penryn & Newcastle Rollers - 41 Miles

Training rides are meant to be fun and hard and this 40-mile route from our Folsom location certainly ticks both of these boxes. Taking in some of the best rolling terrain in the area, this route heads north to Newcastle before a rapid return along Auburn-Folsom Blvd. 

El Dorado Hills & Rescue Road - 36 Miles

Another route to enjoy on your bike. This climbing-intensive 35-mile loop from our El Dorado Hills location is a great way to spend a couple of hours. 

Orangevale Road - 35 Miles

Continue to explore local roads with this great 25-mile loop from our Folsom location. Including a lovely stretch on the bike path and winding backroads, this is a great hour and a half ride!

Auburn's Finest Road - 44 Miles

Looking for a solo spin to isolate on two wheels? We've got a route for you! With some of our favorite climbs and descents in the area, this 44-mile loop takes in the superb descent of ridge road as well as climbing Baxter Grade.

Super Bowl Sunday Road - 35 Miles

A favorite road route and one that anyone who attended our Super Bowl Sunday Ride will be familiar with. This 35-mile road route conquers some of our top local roads including the gruelingly steep Glenview and the fast and winding downhill on Shirland Tract.

Folsom & Rescue - 40 Miles

Taking in some of the classic cycling roads of the area, including Malcolm Dixon and Deer Valley, this route is packed with great climbs and descents. 

Folsom & Sierra College - 40 Miles

A couple of great climbs and winding roads make this a great training ride. A couple of sections on busier roads do not detract from many quiet sections where you can take in all of the road and enjoy riding.

EDH The Bergs of El Dorado County - 35 Miles

Take in the bevy of short but very steep climbs that El Dorado County has to offer with this route.  

Folsom & Fair Oaks  - 38 Miles

Get out and enjoy the awesome bike trails around the American River on this 37-mile route. 

Folsom July 4th loop - 38 Miles

While we sadly won't be running our Annual July 4th Shop Ride, we hope you get out and enjoy this great route! this was last year's ride route and it offers plenty of great climbing, views, and descents over 38 miles.

Folsom Auburn Lollipop - 40 Miles

If a varied selection of quiet roads, gear-crunching climbs, and rolling scenery is what you are looking for then this 38-mile route from our Folsom location is for YOU! 

EDH to Gold River - 36 Miles

Clear your head with this low altitude road jaunt from our El Dorado Hills location. 

Granite Bay Criss Cross - 32 Miles

Ride into August with this criss-crossing route of Granite Bay and Loomis. Plenty of our favorite roads and short little climbs. 

Horns over Loomis - 39 Miles

Cool local climbs as well as fast flat roads make this 39-mile route the perfect 2-3 hour ride for those looking for versatile terrain and challenges. 

Jurgens Road EDH - 37 Miles

This route offers some proper adventuring and climbing on El Dorado County backroads. As you may be able to tell from the above photo, Jurgens Road has a creek running across it. The creek can be quite high and impassable from November to May and even then you may have to take your shoes and socks off and carry your bike across! It's all part of the fun though! 

Rocklin & Lincoln Lolli - 44 Miles

Head for the Rocklin hills with this 44-mile route. Riders are in for short and sharp climbs on this route with nice views over the golf courses of Lincoln. 

El Dorado County - 38 Miles

After an initial climb up Serano, enjoy rolling roads through typical Sierra foothill countryside. this 38-mile route from our El Dorado Hills location is a great way to spend a Saturday morning!

Cothrin Ranch from Folsom - 41 Miles

Enjoy a weekend of fine weather with this 40-mile route from our Folsom location. Some of our favorite country roads and scenery are packed into this great loop including Cothrine Ranch and Malcolm Dixon

2020 Turkey Burnoff Route - 31 Miles

Looking for a little turkey burnoff ride on Black Friday? Check out this 31-mile route from our El Dorado Hills location which takes you up and around Cameron Park and Deer Valley.

El Dorado back roads and rat runs - 43 Miles

This 41-mile route from our El Dorado Hills location is filled with quiet back roads and, at this time of the year, lush green scenery. There is also a good chunk of climbing and descending.

To Newcastle & About - 34 Miles

Devised as a farewell ride to long-term staff member Scott, this 34-mile ride offers a variety of rolling terrain as it travels up towards Newcastle from our Folsom location before returning along Folsom Auburn.

Summit Village and Cameron Park - 34 Miles

With some climbing straight out of the gate, this hilly route has plenty of back road climbing and fun descents. 

Folsom and EDH backroad twisters -44 miles

Enjoy a this trip around El Dorado Hills and Cameron Park from our Folsom location. There is a good mic of climbing and back roads to enjoy on this route.

Back to Orangevale from EDH - 31 miles

This 31-mile flat-ish road route from our El Dorado Hills store heads back over to Folsom and Orangevale before enjoying stretches of bike path before a short and sharp climb back over to Town Center.

Ridge Road from Folsom - 45 miles

A great training ride that takes approximately three hours; this 45-mile road route from our Folsom location features one of our favorite local climbs in Ridge Rd.

EDH & Latrobe Railroad Gravel - 42 miles

If an awesome gravel adventure is what you seek, look no further than this 42-mile route from our El Dorado Hills location. Roughly 45% gravel, this route tackles the superb gravel roads around Rancho Murieta before heading back to El Dorado Hills along the historic railroad. Take care on this section as it can get a little technical and rocky. Sweeping views await on this remote adventure. 

EDH Serrano Hill Hunting - 32 miles

If you're searching for a climbing-intensive road route, then this 32-mile, 3,200 ft of climbing route from our El Dorado Hills location is right up your street. Head out to Malcolm Dixon and Deer Valley Road before Cameron Park and Serrano climbs and a return to El Dorado Hills Town Center.

Loomis Mad Hatter - 32 miles

A quick and enjoyable 32-mile route from our Folsom location, this loop is the perfect pre-work spin! Heading north to Loomis and Penryn before returning though Rocklin, this route a great tour of the Placer County lowland.

Keep Moving Loomis - 34 miles

A couple of stretches of gravel make this an adventurous route through Granite Bay and Loomis back roads. Starting from our Folsom location, this route offers a good mixture of rolling climbs and flat streets. 

Tour of El Dorado Wine Country - 43 miles

If you're looking for a riding adventure that takes place a little further afield then this 44-mile road route from Plymouth in El Dorado County is for you. This hill route takes in the beautiful and quiet California Shenandoah Valley wine region with plenty of lovely backroads and vineyard views. 

Folsom Auburn Crooked Lane - 45 miles

This 45-mile route from our Folsom location packs some of the best short climbs in the area and a chance to grab a beer at Crooked Lane in Auburn. There is a very short section where you (legally) ride on the freeway so take care!

An eighth of Placer County  - 38 miles

This 38-mile road ride from our Folsom location is packed with 3,300 ft of climbing and some cool back roads. The route snakes through Folsom to Serrano before climbing to Cameron Park and returning on Green Valley Road.

Folsom Roseville Bike Path - 40 miles

Get out early and beat the heat this weekend with this 40-mile road route from our Folsom location. Head through Roseville on the bike path before tackling the rolling hills around Newcastle.

46+ Mile Routes

From half-day to full-day epics, these routes take in large swaths of the local countryside for some truly memorable rides.

Lake Loop Plus Plus - 80 Miles

Is the regular lake loop not enough for you? This boosted version adds on some great Placer County roads through Lincoln and Loomis for a great big day out!  

Folsom Lake Loop - 52 Miles

The classic Folsom Lake Loop offers plenty of variety in terms of terrain and scenery. Long climbs combine with good descents to make this a good ride for longer training efforts. 

EDH Mother Lode - 55 Miles

This is a classic foothills loop, which includes some of our favorite local roads and climbs. Placerville provides a welcome rest stop where riders can fuel up and prepare themselves for a fun second half.

Folsom, Lincoln, Newcastle Lollipop - 48 Miles

Varied countryside and a taste of the foothills make this a lovely three to four-hour outing. the Chilli Hill Rd Climb provides some punishment with its steep pitches up to 12% in gradient. 

French Town Road - 50 Miles

Get out and isolate on two wheels with this 50-mile route from our El Dorado Hills location. Featuring some of our favorite and most picturesque roads as well as eye-watering climbs, this route is one of the most scenic and varied half centuries you'll undertake!

Salmon Falls Coloma - 48 Miles

This 48 mile route, from our El Dorado Hills location, up Salmon Falls Road and beyond to Coloma. On the return leg you'll enjoy a steep climb up Cold Springs Rd before rolling countryside back to Cameron Park and EDH.

Folsom & Roseville Wiggle - 52 Miles

A variety of back roads and bike paths make this a great half century training ride. Plenty of short climbs and rolling sections make this a good ride for focusing on short efforts. 

EDH & Placerville Longest Day - 80 Miles

For the longest day of the year, enjoy this varied and hilly route. Long climbs to Mosquito and back towards Placerville are highlights where you will really get a good sense of mountain riding. 

French Town Road - 48 Miles

One of the finest gravel routes in the state, this epic and hilly 48-mile route starts from Weimar, just off I 80 before descending to Yankee Jims and climbing north to Iowa Hills. Make sure you are self sufficient on this route as it is very remote in sections.

Sutter Creek to Fiddletown Gravel - 47 Miles

This great gravel route from Sutter Creek features plenty of climbing and some great remote roads and scenery. make sure you are self sufficient as areas of this route are very remote and you are unlikely to see other people. 

Auburn & Iowa Hill Climbing-Fest - 65 Miles

About as tough of a route as you can get in this sort of distance - this 65-mile road route starts in Auburn before heading north to Colfax and Iowa Hills. Featuring 7,700 ft of climbing this route heads way up into the hills before returning via Forest Hill. Check the weather forecast and snow conditions if you are heading to this route in the winter and early spring.  

Vacaville & Mix Canyon Meleé - 77 Miles

A great winter training route - this 77-mile road route from vacaville features an optional trip up Mix Canyon, one of the hardest climbs in the greater Sacramento Area, as well as climbs up to Lake Berryessa and beyond.

Into the Auburn SRA from Folsom - 52 Miles

The highlight of this ride is the superb descent into the Auburn SRA and area-classic climb back out. Watch for heavy traffic on the descent. Especially on weekends. Nonetheless this is a great route with plenty of fun road riding. 

Folsom, Lincoln, Newcastle - 48 Miles

A variation on the popular Coffee Republic Ride - this route adds in a trip along the beautiful Virginiatown Rd.

To Newcastle & About - 101 Miles

As centuries go, this one, from our Folsom location is not too tough with a relatively flat first half and some good climbing up towards Auburn. Auburn is also a good spot to refuel after a lengthy climb. 

Up to Winchester Circuit - 61 Miles

Some great climbing and ever-changing scenery makes this a great 61-mile road tour of Placer County roads. The route also included a little loop of the Meadow Vista racing circuit with its sprawling views of the Yuba Buttes. 

Tearing off Josh's Legs - 98 Miles

Possibly the toughest ride on this entire page. This massive ride features 9,400 ft of climbing and epic trips up some of the toughest climbs in our area. Refuel in Placerville, Coloma, and Auburn to keep your energy  up!

Coloma Lollipop - 61 Miles

With some seriously epic climbing, this 61-mile road-route from our El Dorado Hills location heads up and down Salmon Falls Rd with an additional trip up the steep Bayne Rd climb in Coloma.

Folsom, Lincoln, Weimar - 100 Miles

If you fancy smashing your legs off then this 100-mile road route will deliver. Head up to Lincoln before traversing north of Auburn too Weimar and returning south to Folsom. As a plus, the vast majority of the second half of this route is downhill. 

Two Rivers Valley Traverse - 100 Miles

If you are looking for your first century ride, this flat route from our Folsom location is a great maiden voyage. 

Head south west along the American River before turning north around the Sacramento airport along the Garden Highway. Eventually, after a rather rough section of road, you will cut back east and cross towards Lincoln. This section can be very tough in strong winds. 

Once you reach Lincoln, you will head south back to Folsom. 

Salmon Fall & Prospector Lollipop Loop - 61 Miles

If you are searching for a challenging and rewarding road ride with plenty of climbing, check out this 61-mile route from our El Dorado Hills location. 

Head north on Salmon Falls Road before descending toward Coloma and climbing the arduous Prospector Rd. Head back west towards Cool before returning to El Dorado Hills on Salmon Falls.

Clearlake to Ukiah - 70 miles

For an epic gravel adventure look no further than this big loop from Kelseyville, next to Clearlake, to Ukiah and back. Featuring two large climbs, this route is about 60% gravel and 100% awesome. 

This route also makes for a great overnight trip with a stay in Ukiah at the halfway point. The big climb up to Cow Mountain OHV Area is a true test with very steep pitches that are rewarded with fantastic views at the top. This makes for a great fall, winter or early spring ride as summer temperatures can soar. 

Take care on the descent down from Cow Mountain as it is extremely steep and loose. The views of Clear Lake are worth it though! 

Getting Vertical in El Dorado County - 77 Miles

Featuring some mega climbing, this 77-mile epic from our Folsom location is ideal for any rider looking for an mega day in the saddle. Heading east to Placerville and north towards Coloma, before returning on Salmon Falls Road, this is a great adventure! 

Lincoln & Ridge - 50 Miles

Kick off your riding with this 50-mile loop from our Folsom location. Head up through Roseville, Rocklin, and Sun City before heading east to conquer the Ridge Rd climb and returning via Newcastle and Granite Bay. 

Fiddletown & Fairplay Amador Tour - 50 Miles

Exploring slightly further afield, this 50-mile route from Fiddletown around Amador County offers pleasant backroad exploration and climbing. 

Carson City Lake Tahoe Loop - 46 miles

An epic single-day adventure or a good overnight trip - this 46-mile mountain loop around Carson City takes in some cool trails, epic climbs (5,000 ft), and impressive scenery. 

A couple of road sections are more than made up for by awesome riding and a superb descent from Clear Creek. Be sure to check conditions before riding as snow, smoke and stormy weather are common.

* Always make sure to check local road conditions and closures before you set off for your ride and make sure to let someone know where you are riding. Make sure to obey the rules of the road and heed road closures and private property warnings.