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Complete monthly Challenge Rides to earn unique prizes at Folsom Bike. 

Either complete the route on your own or join Folsom Bike for our monthly Challenge group ride.


  1.  Join the Folsom Bike Strava Club HERE
  2. Complete the route during the calendar month either on your own or as part of our group ride (SEE BELOW).
  3. Record the ride on your bike computer and upload it to Strava.
  4. Once the month is over and you have completed the route, come into either store, show a Sales Team member your ride on Strava and collect your prize!
  5.  Riders who complete the 12-months’ of Challenge rides in a row will be entered to win the 2022 grand prize.* 

November 2021 Route

This 40-mile road route is an awesome opportunity to discover Placer County back roads, plus it includes a trip up the challenging Glenview Rd climb. 

Join us on Black Friday (November 26th) at 8.30am to complete this awesome route on our group ride. RSVP for the ride on Strava below.