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Complete monthly Challenge Rides to earn unique prizes at Folsom Bike. 

Either complete the route on your own or join Folsom Bike for our monthly Challenge group ride.


  1.  Join the Folsom Bike Strava Club HERE
  2. Complete the route during the calendar month either on your own or as part of our group ride (SEE BELOW).
  3. Record the ride on your bike computer and upload it to Strava.
  4. Once the month is over and you have completed the route, come into either store, show a Sales Team member your ride on Strava and collect your decal!
  5.  Riders who complete the 12-months’ of Challenge rides in a row will be entered to win the 2022 grand prize.* 

May 2022 Route

This 38-mile road ride from our Folsom location is packed with 3,300 ft of climbing and some cool back roads. The route snakes through Folsom to Serrano before climbing to Cameron Park and returning on Green Valley Road.

Join us on Saturday May 14th at 8.30am to complete this awesome route on our group ride. RSVP for the ride on Strava below. 

Monthly Prize Winners

Each month every rider who completes the Challenge Ride is entered to win one of three gift cards. Names are drawn at random so as long as you completed the route, YOU COULD WIN! If you are a lucky winner then come by our Folsom location and collect your prize. 

March 2022 Winners

$100 Gift Card: Ryan Carreon

$50 Gift Card: Ryan Loomis

$25 Gift Card: Joshua Brannan

December 2021 Winners

$100 Gift Card: Bill Wetzel

$50 Gift Card: Ryan Young

$25 Gift Card: Rueben Clark

January 2022 Winners

$100 Gift Card: Vlad Kondrya

$50 Gift Card: Troy Hull

$25 Gift Card: Linda Apo

February 2022 Winners

$100 Gift Card: Brenden Thelen

$50 Gift Card: Kelsey Navarre

$25 Gift Card: Ricco Russo