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What are Wednesday Night Team Rides?

Folsom Bike Team Rides run Wednesday, March 11th, 2020 until September 16th, 2020

These Folsom Bike Team Rides are an opportunity for cyclists to compare their fitness with fellow cyclists. Here in Folsom and the surrounding area, we're blessed with low-traffic roads that are ideal for longer, fast-paced rides.  In 2020, it will be every WEDNESDAY night starting March 11th. 


  This is a heart-pumping fast-paced ride for 32 miles among friendly cyclists for FUN. If you are in the area, go try it out. It’s a blast!

Regrouping Stop

  • 1st: Barton & Brace (brief wait)
  • 2nd: Brennans & King (brief wait) 

RIDE Information

  • Length: 32 Miles
  • Start Time: 5:30 PM EVERY Wednesday from March 11th to September 16th.
  • In case of rain OR EXTREME heat the ride is canceled.
  • No Registration necessary -  Just show up with your bike, helmet, and kit!
  • Participation is at your own risk.
  • The 2020 Series will be led by TYLER JANKE.
  • View and download the route from Strava HERE.

**Please park in the Folsom Bike lot only, or try to ride in.**

Rules to Abide By:

  • Follow the Rules of the Road
  • Single file is preferred, ride two wide ONLY if absolutely necessary
  • Be a good ambassador for all cyclists
  • Remember - this is for TRAINING and FUN
  • Don't get your feelings hurt if you get dropped - this is a fast-paced ride.

Finally, plan to attend this event regularly! The only way to get better is through practice and hard riding. These rides provide that opportunity. Don't miss out!

Results will be posted on our Facebook and Instagram Pages