Tribike transport

Folsom Bike is proud to partner with Tribike Transport in helping you transport your bike, hassle-free, to and from your event.

TriBike Transport has serviced over 100,000 satisfied athletes since their start in 2004. Their unique company was founded with one goal in mind: To help ease the logistical challenges and exorbitant costs of transporting bikes to and from events via airlines or ground freight. They look forward to providing you with their HASSLE-FREE, ECONOMICAL, UNPARALLELED bike transport service to and from your destination race so all you have to do is worry about the finish line.

How Does it Work?

The original Fully Assembled Bike Transport service for cyclists and triathletes alike. 

  • Drop off your bike fully assembled* at Folsom Bike, roughly one week in advance.
  • For an additional fee, TBT will take your wheel bag and a gear bag, too!
  • TBT carefully load your fully assembled bike on one of their secure, smooth-riding trucks and drive it to your race. In most cases, your bike will not leave TBT's possession.
  • Your bike (and bags) will arrive at its destination a few days prior to race day. Pick-up is at the on-site TBT headquarters, at or very near the Expo and transition area.
  • TBT will put your pedals back on your bike and get you on your way within minutes, confident that your custom fit remains unchanged.
  • Post-race, simply wheel your bike back to TBT for return transport home. TBT will remove the pedals, pack your bike safely and securely once again and return it to your local shop, where you’ll pick it up at your convenience. Sticky sports drink and road grime don’t bother us - there’s no need to clean your rig until you arrive back home. 
  • You're free to relax and enjoy your hard-earned finish - leave the details to TBT!