After living in the Folsom area for a number of years, Folsom Bike founders Wilson and Erin Gorrell felt there was something missing in the Folsom area and strongly believed this heavily invested cycling community needed a new approach to help take cycling to the next level. Their vision was taking things back to the simplicity of genuine and exceptional customer service. They feel their business is all about the people.  Cycling is about community.  They wanted to provide a community bike shop for all levels of cyclists.  7 years, 2 shops, 1 coffee shop, it is still this vision that Folsom Bike perpetually strives to fulfill. 


It began in an economic recession....

Wilson and Erin Gorrell started Folsom Bike in 2009 during the economic recession. Everyone told them they were absolutely crazy and would never make it!  Well…everyone did not know these two.  If you tell them they can’t, they are both incredibly driven to prove you wrong.  Couple their experience with their passion created a recipe for success. Both Wilson and Erin have business backgrounds and were confident that by combining their talents they could bring Folsom the, “Nordstom of Bike Shops, but the Cheers – where everyone knows your name” mentality.  It was important to them to create a very aesthetically pleasing store that had competitive pricing, but have the community aspect of the Cheers mentality that you were friends for life….they know you by your first name. 


Cycling makes us happy....let us help make you a little happier!

Our mission is to inspire our customers to be passionate about bikes by providing them with the best products in the industry; to have service that stands up to these exceptional products and compliment them with our own passion for bikes.  We want you to be confident in the decisions you make by purchasing from us, so we do your homework to ensure you purchase confidently.

We love to channel our inner bike nerd....

A bike’s journey — from selecting, purchasing, and building — ultimately ends when it’s purchased by our customers, or serviced by our technicians. To us, representing a bicycles complex story is a job that’s both humbling and honorable. We firmly believe in properly training our staff to become educated and experienced ambassadors about cycling, and that our customers should always be served with care and a smile. We believe that customer service is key and that our customers appreciate our inner bike nerd.

We believe a bike shop should be fun. By creating a fun atmosphere and hiring fun people who are passionate and knowledgeable about cycling, we think you’ll enjoy it more each time you visit Folsom Bike.

We are all about the people....

Folsom Bike is committed to creating positive social change around our little part of the world. We help kids and adults get active, so they can have healthier, happier and more successful lives. We try to bring inspiration to our community by being givers of programs, time, money, sponsorships, events and promote bicycle advocacy. We engage our passionate and creative employees to amplify our impact. We work with industry partners who share our vision as we feel our business truly is all about the people. 

 A simpler, way to enjoy our vision is to visit one of our stores or just give us a call.  We are here to help.

Contact: contact@folsombike.com 916| 844 |1000