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We offer nearly 5000 sq feet of retail shopping which includes bicycles, products, service, bike rentals and our very own full service coffee bar! Located on Folsom Auburn Rd directly adjacent to the new Folsom Bridge and American River Bike Trail.

Want to sharpen your skills and fitness? We will be offering weekly mountain bike, road bike and triathlon training classes directly from our store catering to the needs of all level of cyclists!

Taking the cycling experience to a whole new level!

Customer Comments

"Erin, Many thanks for the cycling jersey and your help in coming to close on the BMC. Have enjoyed doing business with you and know that this won't be the last time I drive out to your place. I've also given out rave reviews about Folsom Bike to my cycling team + yelp and hope it drives more folks your way. Again, thanks."
~ Yashpaul D.

"Thanks for making Jon and Rosie happy riders! Rosie is so excited for Jon, she has already text me and sent me a picture from the shop! She said Jon loves his bike and in her words, “Erin is the best!”

Love you guys! What did we ever do without you?!"
~ Jon and Rosie

"I took my kids store bought Xmas bikes in for some brake work. Took it in to the service and he had fixed them both in about 10 minutes. Charged me pretty much nothing to fix it and ... saved me from hours and hours of frustration. Now i know where to go if i need anything."
~ Josh J.

"Great bike shop - service/repair is their strong point. First time I tried them, they were the only one in the area to repair my bike in a few minutes, while the rest of the stores in the area (Performance, Bob's, Bicycles Plus) said it would be a few days wait to perform a fairly simple repair (spoke replacement).

Recently did a tune-up and replaced many components. They were attentive to my concerns and explained everything in detail including costs. Andrew, the service/repair guy was great. They will now be my store for my bike service and repairs."
~ Biff S.

"Excellent Bike Shop and staff (A+++++). I've always found the owners to be extremely helpful and pleasant every time I stop-in. In addition the shop staff knows bikes and bike related details. Particularly Andrew (shop manager) and his competent staff. They have helped with even the most minor details, parts and installation. They know bikes, even the brands they don't necessarily sell. I've been cycling since the 1970's in the Sacramento area and this is one of the best shops I've found (for road, MTB, and TT). And did I mention the Folsom South Canal TT that they host each week. No cost to participate. Another plus for Folsom Bike. I Highly recommend it.."
~ Dennis P.

"Staff is amazing whether you're a first timer or experienced cyclist. They'll spend all the time they can w/ you to make sure you're happy...and w/out any pressure to buy. I couldn't have been happier to give my business to them and will most definitely recommend them to all our friends. Selection is slightly limited but quality. Thanks guys!"
~ Denver B.

"Great shop. Excellent service and staff. Keep up the great work."
~ Ryan O.

"I was looking for a new bike to serve as my main mode of transportation around San Francisco. I have been to many different bike shops around the bay area (SF, San Jose, and Berkeley) and tried out quite a few bikes. I have a hand me down mountain bike, but I really wanted to get something for commuting to school and getting groceries.

I was helped by Austin. I really know nothing about bikes, but he listened to what I wanted. Another thing I liked was he didn't throw a bunch of biking jargon at me like other shops. I tried 3 different bike styles, and two different bike sizes in the one I ended up getting. He spent a long time helping me out, and didn't try to push me to get it after I told him I wanted to shop around some more.

I went to another shop in Folsom, but I immediately came back to Folsom Bike. The bike I got was perfect for me, and I got all the bike accessories I wanted, including a cup holder for my morning coffee.

I could not be happier with my new bike, and the service I got at Folsom Bike."
~ Michelle C.

"This is one of our favorite bike shops bar none! We like the variety of the gear there and the staff is top notch. The owners a personable and when they are available are cheerful and a pleasure to talk with. We purchased two racing bikes in there and they have also been our bike hospital for the last three years, not once have they let us down and if they happen to miss something they fall all over themselves trying to make it right. And they always seem to make it right. So if you have a need for anything bicycle related in the Folsom area go to Folsom Bike."
~ Davidjon M.

"My brother lives in nearby Fair Oaks, and I live in Napa. I came up to rent a bike and brought my three boys and one of their friends. I rented a mountain bike (for half the daily rental that our in town shop charges).

Two of the bikes that we brought were is disrepair, one needed a tube and the other needed brakes, they had us fixed up out the door with me on a rental very quickly on a busy Saturday.

My experience: Awesome service, Great prices & the guys that helped us were all great! (and they have a coffee shop right on the premises!!)

I will be back!"
~ Eric U.

"Excellent bike shop. By FAR the best in Folsom, if not Sacramento. I bought my first road bike at Folsom Bike. I test rode many bikes all over town before committing. The FELT at Folsom Bike was one of the first bikes I rode and eventually I decided that was the bike for me. Folsom Bike was very accommodating with the test rides (I think I came in 2 or 3 times to test!). The staff was clearly experts when it came to everything about the bike. They were never pushy or impatient. They wanted me to find the best bike for me. You can tell that the staff truly loves biking and just wants to share their passion with as many people as possible!

The day I bought the bike (and shoes, pedals, etc) they took the time to carefully fit me on the bike while on the trainer. A few weeks later I brought it back in for a tune up and they remembered my name and the bike.

Erin is amazing. When I bought my bike, I needed a little pep talk to make the leap to the clip-in pedals. She knew I could do it and I owe my success to her. I just went for it and have not looked back! Every time my husband and I visit the shop, she asks how we are doing and how the riding has been.

My husband wanted bike shoes for his birthday recently and I did not think twice about where to go. I knew Folsom Bike would help me pick out a great pair. He loved them!"
~ Kelsey F.

"Hands down the best overall shop i've experienced since I have been in Sacramento. Highly recommend it!"
~ William B.

"Great shop with good service and knowledgeable mechanics."
~ Aaron K.

"Great people, great shop."
~ Dave F.

"I love Folsom Bike! Very knowledgeable employees and great customer service! They are the ones that take care of ALL my cyclocross bike needs! Thanks guys, D.J."
~ Davidjon M.

"Staff is very helpful. Great place to purchase or service a bike!"
~ Glen B.

"Best bike store we've ever been in worth the drive over therefrom our house. Andrew was amazing both times we were in. We left with amazing bikes all set up ready to ride. Look forward to getting all our future bike needs there. It's not often you feel so amazed with the service in a store these days. We love our bikes and would recommend this bike store to anyone in need of anything bike related. Thanks Andrew!!!!!!!"
~ Susanne R.

"What a pleasure to find a shop where I feel valued as a customer. I can't say enough good things about their customer service. Definitely my bike shop of choice!"
~ Kurt S.

"If your looking for a bike, this shop is amazing. Andrew in sales was great. Spent the day with us. Came out 4 happy bike owners."
~ Greg T.

"Merry Christmas!!! You guys are the BEST!!! In the last month since I've started mountain biking again you guys have been a blessing to me. Thank you."
~ Pete S.

"Wilson - Thanks for the help with the bike fittings last week (on my road and MTB). Definitely feels much better on my lower back!"
~ Ron S.

Please know how much I appreciate how you guys are when I come to the shop. I appreciate everything you guys do and appreciate the boys that work there. It's no wonder every people speaks so highly of you and Wilson when I mention you guys are at the races and around on training rides. Keep it up and thanks!"
~ Jack A.

"Wilson and Erin,
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know of my experience with your store over the past two months. First, I have met both of you and you'd recognize me if you saw me.

After researching the right bike and test riding a few different bikes, The Cervelo RS was the perfect fit. The good news was that when I entered your store, Adam Rosen (went to school with my daughter) was the friendly face that greeted me. Adam was patient and worked with me to upgrade the stock bike. He suggested where to put my budgetary dollars; he made the right suggestions!

Every time I walk into your store, Adam (and your other employees) always greets me with his friendly demeanor and it is a pleasure feeling like I belong. There is nothing worse than walking into a store and being ignored.

Currently, I have a small crack on my RS frame. Your service department and specifically Andrew has been able to work with Cervelo to resolve this problem. My new frame will arrive in a week or so. Also, Justin was helpful answering some of my questions when Andrew was busy.

Last, I want to thank you for creating such a nice environment which gives customers like me a place to feel welcome when spending our hard-earned dollars.

Job well-done!"
~ Alan M.

"Bought my first new bike in years! Erin and the whole staff were just phenomenal and each time I stop by, I get to meet more great employees! Highly recommended!"
~ Todd C.

"Very nice and helpful folks!"
~ Rennie J.

I just wanted to thank you for the help you gave Monday with the tension in my gears. I am a novice rider and do not understand much of anything regarding maintenance. You were kind enough to fix my bike free of charge and when I suggested a tune-up you said "yes- down the road". I can't tell you how much I appreciate you not taking advantage of my ignorance! Every time I have been in Folsom Bike everyone I have talked with has been so helpful and not condescending like that "other" bike shop across the river. You all make me feel like the cyclist I hope to become! Thank you Andrew and everyone at Folsom Bike!"
~ Kelly B.

"Hey Daniel,
I just wanted to say thanks so much for wrenching on my Orbea's rear brake! It's totally dialed in now. I am no longer disturbing the wild life with my loud obnoxious rear brake;)Thanks again for all of the info as well. You are awesome:)

Take care"
~ Renee P.

"I just wanted to throw out a "thank you" to Daniel Rotheram and the repair crew for taking such good care of my Felt bike - I recently crashed and brought the bike in for a checkup and Daniel and the team cleaned up my ride and had me back out the door within a half an hour. Dan first asked if I was OK, which was nice, and then promised to have the bike looked over while I waited. Plus, since the bike was only slightly messed up, there was no charge for the checkup.

I live in downtown Sacramento and will continue to bring my bike up to Folsom Bike (where I bought it) for service and supplies. The bad experience of crashing has been made better by the Folsom Bike team! THANK YOU!!!"
~ Bryan F.

"I wanted to take a minute and say Thanks! Every time I come in to Folsom Bike I feel like a VIP. I came in today to leave my bike for service. Instead, I walk in and Andrew took care of my bike on the spot. It is awesome to walk in and have service like that. He is so good at what he does. I watch him work on my bike and have all the confidence that it is taken care of by a pro. Your staff in general always takes good care of me and I just wanted to say... Thanks! Happy Birthday Folsom Bike! Good Times!"
~ Mike O.

"Wilson, Erin & Gang - Thanks so much for the outstanding service on the purchase of my new Tri Bike! The time you spent to fit the bike to me went well beyond what I would expect in a bike shop. Wishing you tremendous success!"
~ Scott H.

"I went to 6 different bike shops in the area before deciding to buy a bike here. The employees were very helpful and knowledgeable. I really liked the fact that I could take a test ride on the bike trail across the street at the Folsom dam. Great testing ride. It's not the largest bike shop but I like the personal feel here. My sales person, Chris, although he appeared young, was very professional and helpful. I paid what I thought was a fair price for a very nice bike. I was geared up with everything and was fit perfectly for my bike. They have a free 90 day and 1 year tune up on all bikes purchased there. Anyways, if you're in the market to get a new bike stop here for sure and give them a try!"
~ Jon V.

"Folsom Bike just set me up with a new BMC Pro Machine. Erin and Wilson spent a ton of time with me getting it to fit me like a glove. Thanks to you both, for your time and generosity."
~ Kimberly H.

"The staff is friendly, I talked to several of them while I was waiting for my bike to get tuned. I also got to ride several bikes to comparison shop. After I selected my bike, they had me properly fitted for it. Not the biggest shop around, but definitely one of the nicer ones."
~ Alan A.

"After lots of research, my 9 & 11 yr old sons got bikes for their birthdays today. This place has great service, plus they're friendly and knowledgeable."
~ Janice L.

"Wilson & Erin - Mara and I love our bikes and our kits are the icing on the cake. We can't thank you and staff for all you have done for us making riding so enjoyable."
~ David A.

"Friendly, comfortable store environment. Shop guys actually know what they are talking about... more than any other shop I've been to (and I have been in the bike world for over 15 years). The owner is honest, kind, upstanding and a true athlete who gets out, races and supports racing and his clientele. Love the layout of the store, makes it too easy to shop and spend my money... : ) And of course, having a dark roast while doing so makes this the best shop EVER."
~ Julie W.

"The staff at Folsom Bike is unbelievably friendly and knowledgeable. Whether you cruise to the coffee shop or race with the pros, they'll spend the time to get you back out on the road and/or trails. Plus, they've got a coffee shop inside the shop! Good people, good environment, good coffee."
~ Nils J.

"Folsom Bike is awesome. I've been to their shop a few times and the owners remember my name and my boyfriends name too! Their customer service is out of this world and they are the most friendly bike shop owners I've met in Sacramento area! I also love the coffee shop attached so I can warm up after a cool winter ride around the lake or into the hills on one of their group rides."
~ Meredith R.

"Folsom Bike has friendly service without the ego. I don't know much about bikes, other than how to ride. Folsom Bike takes care of my service needs and explains the what & how about what they are going to do without making you feel stupid (like some other bike shops around)."
~ Mike H.

"I called around to 8 different bike shops and they are the only ones that carried the Superfly. Their inventory is incredible, not to mention the friendly staff and great coffee!"
~ George H.

"The customer service at this store is AWESOME! The sales staff always greets you with a smile and is ready to help! I took my bike in for service on a Monday, and was riding it by Tuesday... that is unheard of in most bike shops!"
~ Michelle


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