2019 is going to be the year of gravel cycling and as the center for some of the world’s best gravel grinder events and routes, NorCal is the perfect place to hit the dirt! Below are some of our favorite local gravel grinder events and a couple of our staff’s top training routes.


Latrobe & Prairie City from Folsom Bike

One of our favorite long sections of gravel road in the area, as well as a smattering of classic local sections, makes this route a great route to test one’s self on.

After a quick espresso at the Folsom Grind head out around Folsom lake on some fast gravel and technical single track. From here, it’s down towards US 50 on long sections of fire and construction road before a long dirt road section on Payen Rd towards Latrobe. This road often has a lot of construction traffic on it so prepare for a diversion if necessary.

Once you reach Latrobe itself, turn right onto South Shingle Rd. This is where the fun really starts with seven miles of gravel and dirt road with optional technical sections. There are two sections of this road that require wading but that’s all part of the fun right?

Some less fun and often quite busy roads take you back from here, past the Prairie City OHV Area back to Folsom and back to Folsom Bike via the American River Bike Path.  

Click HERE to check out the route on Strava.


Sagan Gran Fondo - Truckee - May 4th

A newcomer to the Gran Fondo scene, the Sagan Gran Fondo features the name of the three-time world champion and a fairly lofty $145 registration fee so we are expecting something extra special.

The route heads north out of Truckee, past the beautiful Boca and Stampede Reservoirs. A four-mile climb at 7% up the aptly named Badenough Canyon Rd marks the midpoint of the 68-mile route.

Sagan Gran Fondo

This fondo does have several timed sections with age group and gender prizes so if you’re a heavy hitter, this may be the ride for you.

For more info and to register, Click HERE.


Foresthill 43

Another grueling local test, this 43-mile loop from Foresthill features some of our favorite local climbs and dirt road sections.

The Gorman Ranch Rd climb comes just six miles into the ride and sees you gain 1,200ft of elevation in under five miles. From the top of this climb, the route undulates down to Sugar Pine Reservoir and the famous Big Dipper Rd.

The steep Yankee Jims Rd climb takes you back to Foresthill and a well-earned rest.

To view the route, Click HERE.


Lost and Found - Lake Davis - June 1st

Lost and Found sits atop the mountain when it comes to gravel grinders. The epic 100-mile route is part of the Lost Sierra Triple Crown, which combines the Downieville Classic and Grinduro to form one of the toughest cycling competitions on the planet.

45 and 60-mile routes are also available and each features stunning views of the vast Sierras. This ride is a highlight of any season and definitely a bucket list ride for any NorCal cyclist.

The whole weekend has a music festival feel with great camping and lake activities for all of the family.

For more info and to register, Click HERE.