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Looking for a place to start your ride?

Looking for a place to start your ride? Start at Folsom Bike! We are conveniently located directly across from the American River Bike Trail as well as a gateway to the open road and countless trails. Whether you ride a hybrid, mountain bike or road bike, we can point you in the right direction!

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Our Staff's Favorite Spring Routes

We are lucky to have staff that are so passionate about riding and these guys certainly know their way around the local Folsom and El Dorado Hills roads. Simply put, these are the rides we love and in perfect Spring conditions, these rides make the winter miles worth it. Whether you are looking for something flat and fast or mountainous and epic, one of these top picks will help to remind you why cycling is great!

We’ve split the rides into three sections - Quick Spins (10-35 miles), Half-Day Rides (35-65 miles), and Full-Day Epics (65+ miles). So, whether you are looking for a ride you’ll remember forever or a quick spin before or after work, we’ve got something for you.

All of our rides start and finish at our Folsom location, so why not stop by for a pre or post-ride coffee and cake at Folsom Grind? Also, if you’re looking to celebrate, the great choice of locally brewed beers and wines allow you to finish off your ride in style.


Quick Spins (10-35 Miles)

Jayhawk 35

Quite a hilly endeavor, this 34.4-mile loop takes you up past Folsom Dam and then out towards El Dorado Hills via a quit and pretty detour along the Deer Valley Road towards Jayhawk. From here, your uphill toil is almost over, barring a final steep brute in El Dorado Hills.

Jayhawk route map

Enjoy the rolling countryside and the fast rural roads along with views over the foothills and back towards Folsom Lake. With that said, arguably the hardest part of the ride comes with about seven miles to go.

The steep Gilette Road and Capetanios Drive climbs combine for an average over 8% and sections at a leg-busting 15%. That said the climb is very short and when you arrive at the top, the view over Folsom is tough to beat.

Jayhawk route view
The view from the top of the Capetanios Drive climb - a fitting reward for a tough and steep effort.

Click HERE to view this route on Strava and to download the GPX file for your bike computer.

Lake Natoma 17

An oldy but a goody, this classic loop along the American River Bike Trail offers a great variety of terrain and the added bonus that 90% of the route is on the bike path so no traffic lights and no motorists.

Natoma route map

The initial climb up past the dam is a good warm up and then after this, the route is relatively flat with the exception of the small final climb back up to the Folsom Bike store.

Lake Natoma Dam
The Nimbus Dam marks the ride's halfway point.

One aspect to note with this route is that as of April 1st 2017, the bike trail on the north side of Lake Natoma is blocked by a large boulder. With some care, riders can clamber around this landslide, but caution should certainly be taken.

A fast and fun route; if you have an hour or so to spare, this is a great choice.

Lake Natoma Boulder
A rather pesky landslide currently blocks the path on the north side of Lake Natoma.

Click HERE to view this route on Strava and to download the GPX file for your bike computer.

Half Day Rides (35-65 Miles)

Frenchtown 50

Once you are out of the Folsom and El Dorado Hills, this route takes on some of the most delightful rolling countryside in the area. The main climb of the rides is 4.5 miles long and runs up to Frenchtown. This picturesque winding road rolls through farmland and forest with the snow-capped mountains always lurking on the horizon.

Frenchtown route map

Fortunately, you never reach these mountains and turn back west after crossing Highway 50 at Shingle Springs. Now the route ducks in and out of built-up areas before heading back towards Folsom Lake along the Green Valley Road. Where this route really stands out is in its first half where some of the foothills’ best roads are on display.

Jayhawk route view
The road to Frenchtown is one of the gems of the area.

Click HERE to view this route on Strava and to download the GPX file for your bike computer.

Around Folsom Lake 50

Folsom Lake stands as an icon of the area and its circumnavigation by bike is a must for anyone in the area. The route starts out on suburban roads that are popular parts of our various Ride Like A Girl, Team, and Pedal Club rides before heading up to the more hilly roads around Auburn.

Folsom Lake map

Upon reaching Auburn and the most northern part of the ride, you will enjoy a fast and long descent followed by a long and steep climb. From here the terrain and the scenery vary, providing the rider with great views of the foothills and of South Fork of the American River. Overall a great ride and a true sense of achievement for any rider.

Folsom Lake
Folsom Lake from the south shore with the snow-peaked mountains in the horizon.

Click HERE to view this route on Strava and to download the GPX file for your bike computer.

Epic Rides (65+ Miles)

Lincoln 100 Loop

Not only does this epic 100-mile loop take in the entirety of the American River Bike path, it also takes in the vast majority of the Garden Highway and the Folsom Auburn Road, all while keeping the total elevation below 2,500 feet. Starting out from Folsom Bike you will head west along the American River Bike Path, taking it all the way to Sacramento.

Lincoln route map

When the bike path ends it’s onto the flat and quiet Garden Highway, which winds all the way along the Sacramento River to and underneath Highway 99. From here the loop heads back east. Note that if the wind is strong and from the East, this section can be a slog, but the view of the mountains, that ever so slowly draw closer and closer, keeps you going all the way to Lincoln.

Lincoln flat
The pan-flat roads around the Sacramento Airport

This is where the incredibly flat roads end and the up and down begins. Rolling through Lincoln and on to Penryn, you will enjoy various golf and country clubs before descending on the Folsom Auburn road back down to a well-deserved beverage at Folsom Grind. If you are looking to do your first 100-mile ride, wind permitting, this is a good choice as it is comparatively flat.

Click HERE to view this route on Strava and to download the GPX file for your bike computer.

Iowa Hill 105 Loop

Are none of these rides living up to the toughness you desire? Well this 105 mile, 11,600 feet of climbing loop turns the epicness up to 11. Definitely not for the faint hearted this route heads up to Auburn and beyond, traveling all the way to Colfax up the Interstate 80 corridor.

Iowa Hill map

Once you get to Colfax the real fun starts, with a climb up the local favorite, Iowa Hill. The main climb is 1.2 miles long and averages 12.3% with several sections over 16%. Do not think your work is done after this, as the climbing does not stop until you reach the Foresthill Road 20 miles later.

Iowa Hill
One of the steep switchbacks you will encounter along the route.

Upon reaching the Forest Hill Road, most of your work is done climbing-wise, and the remaining 50 miles is mostly downhill. This, nonetheless, is a truly epic route and only to be undertaken by riders who are looking for a season-defining challenge.

Click HERE to view this route on Strava and to download the GPX file for your bike computer.

Placerville 80

If you are not quite ready for 100 miles but still looking to ratchet up the toughness of your ride then this look is perfect. It includes multiple large climbs and plenty of stunning scenery. From Folsom, it’s a relatively easy uphill ride to Shingle Springs and on to the Mother Lode Road. Traffic varies on these roads but trying to avoid rush hour is a good idea as large logging trucks make for uneasy fellow road users.

Placerville map

Once you reach Placerville the real fun starts with the fast downhill and then extended climb up to Mosquito. Once you pass the runway (or even accidentally ride on it as it joins the road), it’s time for a quick descent and energy-sapping climb before you get back to Placerville. From here, it’s back to the rolling foothill countryside that you know and love and onto a well earned coffee back at the Folsom Grind.

Placerville Bridge
The old Mosquito Bridge, which comes just before the road ramps up to a gruelling gradient.

Click HERE to view this route on Strava and to download the GPX file for your bike computer.

Map Your Own Ride

Are you new to cycling? Here is a number of FREE mapping resources to get you started in recording your trips and explorations!

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